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Name:Procedure Not Performed Reason (SNOMED-CT)

Situation codes describing the reason that a procedure, which might otherwise be expected, was not performed, or a procedure that was started and was not completed. Consists of SNOMED CT codes, children of procedure contraindicated (183932001), procedure discontinued (416406003), procedure not done (416237000), procedure not indicated (428119001), procedure not offered (416064006), procedure not wanted (416432009), procedure refused (183944003), and procedure stopped (394908001).

Committee:Patient Care Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.431 (for OID based terminology systems)
Copyright:This resource includes content from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) which is copyright of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). Implementers of these specifications must have the appropriate SNOMED CT Affiliate license - for more information contact or
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135809002 Nitrate contraindicated
135811006 Diuretic contraindicated
135822005 Lipid lowering therapy contraindicated
135823000 Calcium channel blocker contraindicated
169551000 Contraception contraindicated
170954008 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) contraindicated
171277005 Sensitivity C/I - immunization
171284002 Pertussis vaccine contraindicated
183934000 Sensitivity contraindication to procedure
183936003 Contraindication to live immunization
266757004 Medical contraindication to procedure
266758009 Immunization contraindicated
268560002 Medical C/I - immunization
275935009 Surgery contraindicated
275974002 Measles/mumps/rubella vaccine contraindicated
312451002 Aspirin prophylaxis contra-indicated
315061006 Warfarin contraindicated
315062004 Beta blocker contraindicated
315363002 Statins contraindicated
315364008 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors contraindicated
315591006 Fibrates contraindicated
390795005 Pneumococcal vaccination contraindicated
390796006 Influenza vaccination contraindicated
390910005 Thrombolysis contraindicated
394987009 Angiotensin II receptor antagonists contraindicated
395174005 Nicotine replacement therapy contraindicated
395175006 Bupropion contraindicated
395675007 Oral contraceptive pill contraindicated
407582002 Clopidogrel contraindicated
413558003 Anticoagulation contraindicated
414055003 Drug dependence home detoxification contraindicated
414159007 Exercise tolerance test contraindicated
414677003 Metformin contraindicated
415571003 Spirometry reversibility testing contraindicated
415666001 Administration of sulfonylurea contraindicated
416091008 Glitazones contraindicated
416475003 Combined calcium and vitamin D3 preparation contraindicated
416704001 DXA scan contraindicated
416759002 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs contraindicated
416996000 Strontium ranelate contraindicated
417101006 Selective estrogen receptor modulator contraindicated
417128001 Bisphosphonates contraindicated
438767006 Termination of pregnancy contraindicated
438833006 Administration of drug or medicament contraindicated
698468005 Bisoprolol contraindicated
698521002 Simvastatin contraindicated
699037006 Hepatitis B vaccination contraindicated
703997000 Teriparatide contraindicated
703999002 Raloxifene contraindicated
707298000 Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor contraindicated
715163003 Diphtheria vaccination contraindicated
715166006 Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccination contraindicated
170624001 Oral steroids stopped
170688000 Lithium stopped
170689008 Injectable phenothiazine stopped
170919001 Warfarin therapy stopped
170958006 Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) stopped
182840001 Drug treatment stopped - medical advice
182841002 Dr stopped drugs - ineffective
182842009 Doctor stopped drugs - side effect
182843004 Dr stopped drugs -inconvenient
182844005 Doctor stopped drugs - patient dislikes
182845006 Doctor stopped drugs - avoid interaction
182846007 Doctor stopped drugs - medical aim achieved
274512008 Drug therapy discontinued
309841001 Thyroxine treatment stopped
394909009 Syringe driver discontinued
395006008 Medication stopped - interaction
395007004 Medication stopped - ineffective
395008009 Medication stopped - contra-indication
395009001 Medication stopped - side effect
412782003 Inappropriate medication stopped
425519007 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation discontinued due to medical control order
425921008 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation discontinued due to do not resuscitate order
426970003 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation discontinued due to return of spontaneous circulation
426999008 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation discontinued due to signs of death
427569000 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation discontinued as per protocol
430279008 Drug treatment stopped at end of clinical trial
438604008 Peritoneal dialysis therapy discontinued
439516000 Hemodialysis therapy discontinued
710765004 Wound drain discontinued
713246009 Procedure discontinued by healthcare professional
713247000 Procedure discontinued by patient
713248005 Procedure discontinued by doctor
162650008 Patient not examined
162675007 General examination not done
162882008 Respiratory system not examined
162980001 CVS not examined
163128002 GIT not examined
163348001 GU system not examined
163582008 Nervous system not examined
163628001 Sensory system not examined
163900009 O/E - CNS not examined
164176006 ENT examination not performed
164286000 O/E - temperature not taken
164321005 O/E - skin not examined
164445005 O/E - extremities not examined
164503006 Orthopedic exam. not done
164713001 Neurological diagnostic procedure - not done
164725003 Visual testing not done
164746007 Auditory/vestibular test not done
164766003 Special ENT procedure not done
164776000 Special CVS test not done
164786004 Special GIT test not done
164795007 Special urinary test not done
164808009 Special female test not done
164823004 Special male test not done
164831009 Musculoskeletal test not done
164853006 ECG not done
164964005 Susceptibility skin test not done
164978006 Mantoux test not done
164985005 Kveim test not done
164997006 Hypersensitivity skin test not done
165008002 Allergy testing not done
165017002 Lung function testing not done
165026004 Lung volume test not done
165035006 Respiratory flow rate not measured
165074004 Cardiac function test not done
165081006 Exercise tolerance test not done
165104002 Metabolic function not tested
165122004 Non-surgical biopsy not done
165139002 Endoscopy not carried out
165343008 Laboratory test requested - not done
165377003 Hematology test request - not done
165393007 Hemoglobin not estimated
167219008 Urine not examined
167260001 Urine glucose test not done
167272007 Urine protein test not done
167286006 Urine ketone test not done
167296002 Urine blood test not done
167306007 Urine pH test not done
167317008 Urine bacteria test not done
167322008 Urine urobilinogen not tested
167594003 Feces not examined
167701000 CSF: not examined
167728005 CSF chemistry - not tested
168497006 Radiographic imaging procedure not carried out
169607004 No antenatal care
169610006 Antenatal care: not attended
169611005 No antenatal care: not known pregnant
169699008 Antenatal syphilis screening not done
169704000 Antenatal blood group screening not done
169708002 Antenatal sickle screening not done
170100005 Child not examined at birth
170108003 Child not examined at 10 days
170117003 Child 6 week examination not attended
170126000 8-9 month exam not attended
170135007 18 month examination not attended
170144008 2.5 year examination not attended
170153001 3.5 year examination not attended
170162004 4.5 year examination not attended
170171008 10 year examination not attended
170180008 15 year examination not attended
170257006 Child 1 year examination not attended
170266005 Child 6 month examination not attended
170275007 Child 21 month examination not attended
170284007 Child 3 year exam not attended
170293008 Child 39 month examination not attended
170304008 Child 8 week examination not attended
182849000 No drug therapy prescribed
183928007 Residence remote from medical care
183929004 No home medical services
183930009 Awaiting admission elsewhere
266756008 Medical care unavailable
266881002 No history taken
309846006 Treatment not available
310352003 Mammography not attended
314374001 360 degree sweep of cervix not performed
371900001 Medication not administered
373147003 Medication not administered because contraindicated
373148008 Thrombolytic agent not administered because contraindicated
390848004 Retinae not examined
391016008 Osteoporosis risk assessment defaulted
394965000 Urine leukocyte test not done
396781004 No chemotherapy AND/OR radiation therapy prior to lymphadenectomy
397004005 Immunophenotypic analysis not performed
397399004 Cell phenotyping not performed
399538001 Cytogenetic study not performed
401318002 Shuttle walking test not done
408504000 Child 7 month examination not attended
408836004 Sample not obtained
408837008 Amniocentesis sample not obtained
416128008 No past history of procedure
418014008 Procedure not ordered
418731009 No stain applied
428348004 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation not attempted
439867009 Determination of pattern of resistance to antiviral agent not done
441989008 Delayed hypersensitivity skin test for histoplasmin not done
443788002 Maternal postnatal examination not attended
698569004 Postnatal depression not discussed
698753008 Never had cervical smear
699231000 Domestic abuse not discussed
703942005 Never had mammogram
712751006 Radiation therapy not done
712985002 Chemotherapy not done
713207007 Neck dissection not done
715621003 Heart failure education not done
715622005 Warfarin not prescribed
4451000175106 Asthma action plan not done
4461000175108 Cervical cancer screening not done
4471000175100 Colorectal cancer screening not done
4501000175108 Hemoglobin A1C test not done
4541000175105 Spirometry not done
4551000175107 Diabetic foot exam not done
4591000175100 Bone density screening not done
5991000175105 Peak expiratory flow not done
6021000175100 Vaccination for diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus not done
6031000175102 Varicella vaccination not done
6041000175108 Hepatitis A vaccination not done
6051000175105 Hepatitis B vaccination not done
134390006 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor not indicated
134391005 Statin not indicated
134392003 Warfarin not indicated
134394002 Aspirin not indicated
135805008 Nitrate not indicated
135806009 Calcium channel blocker not indicated
135807000 Lipid lowering therapy not indicated
135808005 Diuretic not indicated
183964008 Treatment not indicated
183965009 Surgery not indicated
183966005 Drug treatment not indicated
315214003 Beta blocker not indicated
407571005 Clopidogrel not indicated
407572003 Angiotensin II receptor antagonist not indicated
407573008 Influenza vaccination not indicated
408339001 Thrombolysis therapy not indicated
408396006 Diabetic retinopathy screening not indicated
408397002 Diabetic foot examination not indicated
408398007 Smoking review not indicated
413167008 Compression bandaging not indicated
413560001 Anticoagulation not indicated
413812009 Cervical smear not indicated
415119001 Pneumococcal vaccination not indicated
415570002 Spirometry not indicated
415667005 Administration of sulfonylurea not indicated
416664005 Selective estrogen receptor modulator not indicated
416670004 Glitazones not indicated
416678006 Combined calcium and vitamin D3 preparation not indicated
416741000 Strontium ranelate not indicated
417013004 DXA scan not indicated
417218000 Carotid ultrasound not indicated
417434004 Bisphosphonates not indicated
699048004 Exercise tolerance test not indicated
700384008 Antibiotic prophylaxis not indicated
703971006 Hepatitis A vaccination not indicated
703996009 Teriparatide not indicated
704000000 Raloxifene not indicated
704033005 Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor not indicated
704052004 Referral to cardiac rehabilitation program not indicated
704096004 Referral to heart failure exercise program not indicated
707287001 Hepatitis B vaccination not indicated
707853004 Testing for Ebola virus not indicated
709198003 Education not indicated
712740006 Medication monitoring not indicated
146922001 Rubella screening not offered
147022006 Double test not offered
148324002 Screening not offered
148477008 Immunization not offered
169608009 Antenatal care: not offered
170115006 Child 6 week examination not offered
170124002 8-9 month exam not offered
170133000 18 month examination not offered
170142007 2.5 year examination not offered
170151004 3.5 year examination not offered
170160007 4.5 year examination not offered
170169008 10 year examination not offered
170178002 15 year examination not offered
170255003 Child 1 year examination not offered
170264008 Child 6 month examination not offered
170273000 Child 21 month examination not offered
170282006 Child 3 year exam not offered
170291005 Child 39 month examination not offered
170301000 Child 8 week examination not offered
408506003 Child 7 month examination not offered
444062004 Maternal postnatal examination not offered
712790005 Triple test not offered
712803007 Administration of Anti-D globulin not offered
712812009 Antenatal ultrasound scan not offered
712851004 Alpha-fetoprotein blood test not offered
712852006 Amniocentesis not offered
712854007 Antenatal screening for viral hepatitis type B not offered
712869008 Antenatal HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) screening not offered
712870009 Antenatal Rhesus antibody screening not offered
712872001 Antenatal thalassemia screening not offered
712996005 Parenting education not offered
169609001 Antenatal care: not wanted
169635000 Parent craft not wanted
169649009 A/N amniocentesis - not wanted
169660000 A/N U/S scan not wanted
169687001 Alpha-fetoprotein gene (AFP) blood test not wanted
169693009 Rubella screening not wanted
169795009 Triple test not wanted
169796005 Double test not wanted
170116007 Child 6 week examination not wanted
170125001 8-9 month exam not wanted
170134006 18 month examination not wanted
170143002 2.5 year examination not wanted
170152006 3.5 year examination not wanted
170161006 4.5 year examination not wanted
170170009 10 year examination not wanted
170179005 15 year examination not wanted
170256002 Child 1 year examination not wanted
170265009 Child 6 month examination not wanted
170274006 Child 21 month examination not wanted
170283001 Child 3 year exam not wanted
170292003 Child 39 month examination not wanted
170302007 Child 8 week examination not wanted
171034000 Health education not wanted
171103002 Screening not wanted
171152003 Cancer of cervix screening not wanted
184163005 Child surveillance not wanted
408505004 Child 7 month examination not wanted
105480006 Refusal of treatment by patient
134385008 Referral to dietician declined
134386009 Referral to chiropodist declined
134396000 Statin declined
134397009 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor declined
134398004 Warfarin declined
135812004 Nitrate declined
135814003 Diuretic declined
135825007 Calcium channel blocker declined
135826008 Lipid lowering therapy declined
165342003 Patient refused laboratory test
165376007 Patient refused hematology test
168499009 Radiology refused
182895007 Drug declined by patient
182896008 Drug declined by patient - dislikes taste
182897004 Drug declined by patient - side effects
182898009 Drug declined by patient - inconvenient
182899001 Drug declined by patient - problem swallowing
182900006 Drug declined by patient - patient beliefs
182901005 Drug declined by patient - alternative therapy
182902003 Drug declined by patient - cannot pay script
182903008 Drug declined by patient - reason unknown
183945002 Procedure refused for religious reason
183946001 Procedure refused - uncooperative
183947005 Refused procedure - after thought
183948000 Refused procedure - parent's wish
183949008 Assessment examination refused
183956002 Care/help refused by patient
183957006 Patient refuses day hospital
183958001 Refuses meals on wheels
183959009 Social Services help refused
183960004 Patient refuses hospital admit
183961000 Part III accommodation refused
183962007 Patient non-compliant with specific advice
185754009 Refuses diabetes monitoring
275936005 Patient noncompliance - general
315020006 Beta blocker therapy refused
315021005 Refuses CHD monitoring
315022003 Nicotine replacement therapy refused
315023008 Aspirin prophylaxis refused
315640000 Influenza vaccination declined
371138003 Refusal of treatment by parents
390914001 Thrombolytic therapy refused
391015007 Osteoporosis risk assessment refused
395176007 Bupropion refused
395703005 Meningitis C immunization refused
401047000 Hypertension treatment refused
401084003 Angiotensin II receptor antagonist declined
401086001 Pneumococcal vaccination declined
406149000 Medication refused
407583007 Clopidogrel declined
408548005 Magnetic resonance imaging scan declined
408549002 Angiocardiography declined
408551003 Exercise tolerance test refused
408558009 Multidisciplinary team falls assessment declined
408559001 Primary health care team falls assessment declined
408566000 Echocardiogram declined
408567009 CT scan brain declined
408569007 Diagnostic procedure declined
408572000 Carotid artery doppler declined
408778004 Hepatitis B immunization declined
408791003 BCG vaccination declined
408795007 Vitamin K prophylaxis declined
412713002 Coronary arteriography declined
412718006 Chlamydia screening declined
412725004 Medication review declined
412752009 Diabetic foot examination declined
413122001 Diabetic retinopathy screening refused
413123006 Blood pressure procedure refused
413310006 Patient non-compliant - refused access to services
413311005 Patient non-compliant - refused intervention / support
413312003 Patient non-compliant - refused service
413559006 Anticoagulation declined
413756001 Cardiac rehabilitation declined
415572005 Spirometry test declined
416126007 Bisphosphonates declined
416522000 Strontium ranelate declined
416888009 DXA scan declined
417045009 Combined calcium and vitamin D3 preparation declined
417114007 Refused referral to minor ailments clinic
417512003 Selective estrogen receptor modulator declined
426544006 History refused
428042006 Medium-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency screening test declined
428073005 Alcohol consumption screening test declined
428299008 Sickle cell screening declined
428650003 Congenital hypothyroidism screening declined
428841003 Cystic fibrosis screening declined
429284000 CVD risk assessment declined
429688007 Nurse triage declined
429726000 Phenylketonuria screening declined
429739001 Patient refused transportation
438370008 Vascular disease risk assessment declined
438765003 Human papillomavirus vaccination declined
439495000 Counseling declined
440621003 Referral declined by patient
442324008 Antenatal screening declined
442392002 Ambulance transport to hospital declined
442444001 Referral to specialist alcohol treatment service declined by patient
444020006 Maternal postnatal examination refused
473149004 Long acting reversible contraception declined
698357006 Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening declined
698451006 Ankle brachial pressure index test declined
698460003 Antiviral therapy declined
698473004 Blood glucose test declined
698483000 Weight management advice declined
698484006 Measurement of waist circumference declined
698490005 Urine dipstick test declined
698758004 Nebivolol therapy refused
698950001 Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 vaccination declined
699034004 Home oxygen therapy declined
699042003 History taking of sexual orientation declined
699053009 Foot pulse check declined
699054003 Administration of blood product declined
699128009 Blood transfusion declined
699137009 Carvedilol therapy declined
700359005 Booster meningitis C vaccination declined
700411009 Routine enquiry about domestic abuse declined
703427001 Refusal of treatment by patient against dental advice
703989007 Teriparatide therapy declined
703991004 Raloxifene therapy declined
703992006 Breastfeeding support declined
704046000 Mental health assessment declined
704047009 Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor declined
704049007 Referral to erectile dysfunction clinic declined
704051006 Referral to cardiac rehabilitation program declined
704097008 Referral to heart failure exercise program declined
705140004 Physical health assessment declined
706890009 Vaginal birth after previous cesarean section refused
707745004 Tuberculosis screening declined
707746003 Screening chest X-ray declined
708129006 Transfusion of blood product refused for religious reason
713068007 Over 75 years of age health check declined
713615000 Advance care planning declined
714747005 Discussion about advance care planning declined
715508000 Assessment using Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 item scale declined
716048005 Review of advance care plan declined
591000119102 Vaccine refused by patient
921000119109 Vaccine refused by parent
116101000119100 Colonoscopy refused
314553311000087102 Decided to wait for a specific provider
914933391000087108 Request procedure deferral
168533005 Radiotherapy stopped
170585007 Cardiac disease treatment stopped
170588009 Treatment for hypertension stopped
170620005 Respiratory disease treatment stopped
170621009 Home oxygen supply stopped
170675003 Gastrointestinal tract treatment stopped
170687005 Psychiatric treatment stopped
170700002 Neurological disorder treatment stopped
170712003 Epilepsy treatment stopped
170725006 Ophthalmological treatment stopped
170800007 Treatment of obesity stopped
170816009 Endocrine disease treatment stopped
170826002 B12 injections stopped
170834008 Blood disorder treatment stopped
170843004 Allergic disorder treatment stopped
170854009 Rheumatology disorder treatment stopped
170863006 Skin disorder treatment stopped
170872003 Gynecological disorder treatment stopped
170882002 Urinary disorder treatment stopped
170894006 ENT disease treatment stopped
170904002 Ostomy - treatment stopped
170912005 High risk treatment stopped
170929008 Repeat prescription treatment stopped
180863000 Operation aborted
268521004 Thyroid disease treatment stopped
288120003 Operation abandoned before onset
391021006 Osteoporosis treatment stopped
397023003 Operation not completed
414120003 ERCP not completed due to anatomical derangements from previous surgery
698459008 Antidepressant drug treatment stopped
700110004 Bisphosphonate prophylaxis suspended
708000007 Insulin treatment stopped


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