Current Build HL7 v3 Value Set SubstitutionCondition

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This value set ( is defined as part of HL7 v3.


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Identifies what sort of change is permitted or has occurred between the item that was ordered/requested and the one that was/will be provided.

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This expansion generated 07 Aug 2018

This value set contains 4 concepts

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0_ConditionalConditionalSome conditions may be attached to an allowable substitution. An allowable substitution is based on a match to any other attributes that may be specified.
1  CONFIRMConfirm firstConfirmation with Contact Person prior to making any substitutions has or will occur.
1  NOTIFYNotify firstNotification to the Contact Person, prior to substitution and through normal institutional procedures, has or will be made.
0NOSUBNo substitutionSubstitution is not permitted.
0UNCONDUnconditionalNo conditions are required.