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Corresponds to the Entity class

OID:2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.13922 (for OID based terminology systems)
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0ENTentityCorresponds to the Entity class
1  HCEhealth chart entityA health chart included to serve as a document receiving entity in the management of medical records.
1  LIVliving subjectAnything that essentially has the property of life, independent of current state (a dead human corpse is still essentially a living subject).
2    NLIVnon-person living subjectA subtype of living subject that includes all living things except the species Homo Sapiens.
3      ANManimalA living subject from the animal kingdom.
3      MICmicroorganismAll single celled living organisms including protozoa, bacteria, yeast, viruses, etc.
3      PLNTplantA living subject from the order of plants.
2    PSNpersonA living subject of the species homo sapiens.
1  MATmaterialAny thing that has extension in space and mass, may be of living or non-living origin.
2    CHEMchemical substanceA substance that is fully defined by an organic or inorganic chemical formula, includes mixtures of other chemical substances. Refine using, e.g., IUPAC codes.
2    FOODfoodNaturally occurring, processed or manufactured entities that are primarily used as food for humans and animals.
2    MMATmanufactured materialCorresponds to the ManufacturedMaterial class
3      CONTcontainerA container of other entities.
4        HOLDholderA type of container that can hold other containers or other holders.
3      DEVdeviceA subtype of ManufacturedMaterial used in an activity, without being substantially changed through that activity. The kind of device is identified by the code attribute inherited from Entity. Usage: This includes durable (reusable) medical equipment as well as disposable equipment.
4        CERcertificate representationA physical artifact that stores information about the granting of authorization.
4        MODDVimaging modalityClass to contain unique attributes of diagnostic imaging equipment.
1  ORGorganizationA social or legal structure formed by human beings.
2    PUBpublic institutionAn agency of the people of a state often assuming some authority over a certain matter. Includes government, governmental agencies, associations.
2    STATEstateA politically organized body of people bonded by territory, culture, or ethnicity, having sovereignty (to a certain extent) granted by other states (enclosing or neighboring states). This includes countries (nations), provinces (e.g., one of the United States of America or a French departement), counties or municipalities. Refine using, e.g., ISO country codes, FIPS-PUB state codes, etc.
3      NATNationA politically organized body of people bonded by territory and known as a nation.
1  PLCplaceA physical place or site with its containing structure. May be natural or man-made. The geographic position of a place may or may not be constant.
2    CITYcity or townThe territory of a city, town or other municipality.
2    COUNTRYcountryThe territory of a sovereign nation.
2    COUNTYcounty or parishThe territory of a county, parish or other division of a state or province.
2    PROVINCEstate or provinceThe territory of a state, province, department or other division of a sovereign country.
1  RGRPgroupA grouping of resources (personnel, material, or places) to be used for scheduling purposes. May be a pool of like-type resources, a team, or combination of personnel, material and places.