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An anatomical location on an organism which can be the focus of an act.

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  • This value set is the designated 'entire code system' value set for v3.ActSite

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This value set contains 52 concepts

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0_HumanActSiteHumanActSiteAn anatomical location on a human which can be the focus of an act.
1  _HumanSubstanceAdministrationSiteHumanSubstanceAdministrationSiteThe set of body locations to or through which a drug product may be administered.
2    BEbilateral earsbilateral ears
2    BNbilateral naresbilateral nares
2    BUbuttockbuttock
2    LAleft armleft arm
2    LACleft anterior chestleft anterior chest
2    LACFleft antecubital fossaleft antecubital fossa
2    LDleft deltoidleft deltoid
2    LEleft earleft ear
2    LEJleft external jugularleft external jugular
2    LFleft footleft foot
2    LGleft gluteus mediusleft gluteus medius
2    LHleft handleft hand
2    LIJleft internal jugularleft internal jugular
2    LLAQleft lower abd quadrantleft lower abd quadrant
2    LLFAleft lower forearmleft lower forearm
2    LMFAleft mid forearmleft mid forearm
2    LNleft narisleft naris
2    LPCleft posterior chestleft posterior chest
2    LSCleft subclavianleft subclavian
2    LTleft thighleft thigh
2    LUAleft upper armleft upper arm
2    LUAQleft upper abd quadrantleft upper abd quadrant
2    LUFAleft upper forearmleft upper forearm
2    LVGleft ventraglutealleft ventragluteal
2    LVLleft vastus lateralisleft vastus lateralis
2    ODright eyeright eye
2    OSleft eyeleft eye
2    OUbilateral eyesbilateral eyes
2    PAperianalperianal
2    PERINperinealperineal
2    RAright armright arm
2    RACright anterior chestright anterior chest
2    RACFright antecubital fossaright antecubital fossa
2    RDright deltoidright deltoid
2    REright earright ear
2    REJright external jugularright external jugular
2    RFright footright foot
2    RGright gluteus mediusright gluteus medius
2    RHright handright hand
2    RIJright internal jugularright internal jugular
2    RLAQright lower abd quadrantright lower abd quadrant
2    RLFAright lower forearmright lower forearm
2    RMFAright mid forearmright mid forearm
2    RNright narisright naris
2    RPCright posterior chestright posterior chest
2    RSCright subclavianright subclavian
2    RTright thighright thigh
2    RUAright upper armright upper arm
2    RUAQright upper abd quadrantright upper abd quadrant
2    RUFAright upper forearmright upper forearm
2    RVGright ventraglutealright ventragluteal
2    RVLright vastus lateralisright vastus lateralis