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Pharmacy Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: InformativeCompartments: Patient, Practitioner

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Generated Narrative with Details

id: meddisp0319


status: completed

medication: Azithromycin 250mg capsule (product). Generated Summary: id: med0320; Azithromycin 250mg tablet, film coated (Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC) (Details : { code '33261-403-02' = '33261-403-02', given as 'Azithromycin 250mg tablet, film coated (Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC)'})

subject: Donald Duck



authorizingPrescription: MedicationRequest/medrx0302

type: First Fill - Complete (Details : { code 'FFC' = 'First Fill - Complete', given as 'First Fill - Complete'})

quantity: 6 TAB (Details: code TAB = 'Tablet')

daysSupply: 5 Day (Details: UCUM code d = 'd')

whenPrepared: Mar 16, 2015 5:13:00 PM

whenHandedOver: Mar 17, 2015 5:13:00 PM

note: Patient told to take with food

dosageInstruction: ,



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