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id: omtk-logic

identifier: OMTKLogic (OFFICIAL)

version: 0.1.0

title: OMTK Logic

status: active

experimental: true

type: Logic Library (Details : { code 'logic-library' = 'Logic Library', given as 'Logic Library'})

date: May 5, 2017

publisher: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

description: Opioid Management Terminology Knowledge Base Logic for use in implementing CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines.

useContext: ,

jurisdiction: United States of America (Details : {urn:iso:std:iso:3166 code 'US' = 'United States of America', given as 'United States of America'})

purpose: This library normalizes units to UCUM units, identifies the conversion factor for the given ingredient, identifies the non-surgical opioid ingredients and their strengths that make up a drug identified by the given rxNormCode, calculates daily dose for a specific ingredient based on the ingredient strength, dose form, dose quantity, and daily frequency, calculates daily frequency given frequency within a period, and calculates the Morphine Milligram Equivalency (MME) for a given prescription.

usage: This library is used to gather information about an opioid prescription necessary to offer opioid management guidance for a patient.

copyright: © CDC 2016+.

topic: Opioid Prescribing (Details )

author: , , ,

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