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General Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers

FHIR Infrastructure Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative
A set of general extensions defined for the convenience of implementers that use FHIR resources


data-absent-reasonData Absent Reason :

Provides a reason why the expected value or elements in the element that is extended are missing.

bodyStructureBodyStructure Reference :

Record details about the anatomical location of a specimen or body part. This resource may be used when a coded concept does not provide the necessary detail needed for the use case.

rendered-valueRendered Value :

Provides a rendered version of the value intended for human display. For example, a sensitive identifier (e.g. social security number) partially obscured by asterisks; a drivers licence number with dashes inserted; a date formatted as MMM dd, yyyy; etc.

geolocationGeolocation :

The absolute geographic location of the Location, expressed using the WGS84 datum (This is the same co-ordinate system used in KML).

translationTranslation :

Language translation from base language of resource to another language.

tz-codeTimezone Code :

An IANA timezone code for the timezone offset per BCP 175. The offset is specified as part of a dateTime/instant (or using the tzOffset extension on a date if necessary). The timezone code may also be provided to allow for human display of the location associated with the offset.

tz-offsetTimezone Offset :

Timezone offset, for dates where timezone is not allowed as part of the base date.

relative-dateRelative Date Criteria :

Specifies that a date is relative to some event. The event happens [Duration] after [Event].

languageHuman Language :

The Human Language of the item.

originalTextOriginal Text :

A human language representation of the concept as seen/selected/uttered by the user who entered the data and/or which represents the full intended meaning of the user.

replacesreplaces :

Indicates a resource that this resource is replacing.