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Patient Care Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: InformativeCompartments: Encounter, Patient, Practitioner, RelatedPerson

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Generated Narrative with Details

id: f203

clinicalStatus: Active (Details : { code 'active' = 'Active)

verificationStatus: Confirmed (Details : { code 'confirmed' = 'Confirmed)

category: Problem (Details : {SNOMED CT code '55607006' = 'Problem', given as 'Problem'}; { code 'problem-list-item' = 'Problem List Item)

severity: Moderate to severe (Details : {SNOMED CT code '371924009' = 'Moderate to severe', given as 'Moderate to severe'})

code: Bacterial sepsis (Details : {SNOMED CT code '10001005' = 'Bacterial septicemia', given as 'Bacterial sepsis'})

bodySite: Pulmonary vascular structure (Details : {SNOMED CT code '281158006' = 'Pulmonary vascular structure', given as 'Pulmonary vascular structure'})

subject: Roel

context: Roel's encounter on March eleventh

onset: Mar 8, 2013

recordedDate: Mar 11, 2013

asserter: Practitioner/f201


*Diagnostic report for Roel's sepsis


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