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Security Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative
Defines common extensions used with or related to the AuditEvent resource
auditevent-SOPClassSOPClass :

Required if ParticipantObjectIDTypeCode is (110180, DCM, "Study Instance UID") and any of the optional fields (AccessionNumber, ContainsMPPS, NumberOfInstances, ContainsSOPInstances,Encrypted,Anonymized) are present in this Participant Object. May be present if ParticipantObjectIDTypeCode is (110180, DCM, "Study Instance UID") even though none of the optional fields are present.

auditevent-AccessionAccession :

An Accession Number associated with this participant object.

auditevent-MPPSMPPS :

An MPPS Instance UID associated with this entity.

auditevent-NumberOfInstancesNumberOfInstances :

The Number of SOP Instances referred to by this entity.

auditevent-InstanceInstance :

Th SOP Instance UID values.

auditevent-EncryptedEncrypted :

True or False indicating whether the data was encrypted.

auditevent-AnonymizedAnonymized :

True or False indicating whether all patient identifying information was removed from the data.

auditevent-ParticipantObjectContainsStudyParticipantObjectContainsStudy :

A Study Instance ID, which may be used when the Entity type is not (110180, DCM, "Study Instance UID").